Co-founded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union

The model is aimed at trafficked victims who can’t or don’t wish to go back to their country of origin, especially due to the insecurity of the return, the risk of ending up again in human trafficking networks and being re-trafficked. 

The Model of intervention suggests a theoretical framework of values and core concepts to orientate the action, as well as a structure of phases to promote social and labourintegration of women. 

The Guide provides guidelines for the daily work of the professionals working with women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and also, to set guidelines for the correct application of the Model.

The Model and The Guide are translated to four European languages (English, Czech, Romanian and Spanish) and are now available in electronic format. 

The Transferability Report is providing readers with ways in which Building Choices Project’s findings could be applicable to other contexts, situations, times, and populations. It is providing the evidence and data that makes transferability judgements possible on the part of potential practitioners.